Growing up we would have pepperoni bread all of the time.  When I would play volleyball on the weekend, my mother would buy a loaf so I could eat it between games.  For my bridal shower I received this recipe and I make it all of the time.

I’ll concede this front and center.

This isn’t the most advantageous of formulas (however I helped it a bit – see underneath) yet here and there a young lady needs her a few pepperoni. Or on the other hand bacon so far as that is concerned.

For whatever length of time that I can recall, pepperoni bread – or pepperoni move as it’s known in West Virginia and encompassing states – has been an exemplary canapé served up in the homes of my Italian-American relatives over the occasions. It’s a convention that I’ve continued going now that we have Christmas.

(Side note: my significant other is one of 11 so we have a not too bad group each year and you can never have an excessive number of tidbits in my book. It’s the Italian in me that will dependably stress somebody may leave hungry.)

To help this a bit, I’ve attempted turkey pepperoni before yet as a general rule, I’ll simply utilize the consistent stuff. My cheddar apportion incorporates 1 glass destroyed of part-skim mozzarella or Cabot Light Cheddar along with2 tablespoons of ground matured Italian cheddar like Parmesan Reggiano or Pecorino Romano. Also, this year I included some white entire wheat flour – most likely to influence myself to feel slightly better about the entire thing.

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