How Long Does It Take For A Painting To Be Finished?

How Long Does It Take For A Painting To Be Finished?

Everyone has their own pace at completing their tasks. Painting is not an hour or two’s work. It requires focus, perseverance and good knowledge on colour combinations and techniques. A single painting could take a day’s time or even a week’s depending on the size and complexities of the painting. Portrait paintings, for example try photo to painting online free, can often take up to a week’s time or even more, especially if it is a live portrait painting. You have to have a good eye for subtle things such as colour temperature, transitions, and shifts in layers. This is one reason why you should not rush with your painting, but keep it slow and focused. It does not matter if you are taking too many days as long as the end result is worth all the effort.

Today you will get to see a lot many painting tutorials on YouTube that will teach you how to paint easily and quick but if you continue painting watching these videos you won’t learn much in the long run. For the first few months, it is okay to learn from these tutorials but after that you have to adapt to the painting techniques on your own. It is okay if you even make mistakes, it is only then that you will learn. Once you do not feel the urge to rush into completing your painting is when you will actually start improving on your painting.

A lot of beginners have the notion that the bigger the canvas is, the longer will be the time to complete it. That is not true. The size is not the main concern, it is the elements in the painting. For example, if you are painting a single object on the canvas such as a fruit, a flower vase it won’t take more than a day or two. But if it is something like a landscape or a portrait or an urban art it could take up to 2-3 days or even more, mostly depending on what techniques you apply.

Give time to think about what it is that you want to achieve through the painting before you pick up your brush and only then start with the painting. The first few layers on the painting will not take much time, it is only when you start detailing it that you will realise that your pace has slowed down. It is the patterns, shadows and colour shapes that will take in more of your time. That exactly is the mantra – slow down!

Give time to understand what is it that you want to show to your viewers. Be sure about what will be the focal points in the painting and how would you want the foreground and background of the painting to be. Once you figure out and start painting the initial colours and shapes in the art, you can spend as time as you want in deciding upon how to finish the rest of the painting. It is you who will have to be satisfied with the end results, nobody else! Define every element and each part of the painting well before you give the final touch ups.

You will be surprised to know but some artists take up to 6 months to complete one single painting and these are the same artists whose painting sell in millions, making them a masterpiece. Painting takes not only our hands but also a sharp mind to understand and execute the techniques and colour complexities into it. You should feel pressurized thinking that your painting has to be perfect. This is when you will start rushing into things and would want to paint faster to see the end results. Give time to decide every element on the painting and work on it smoothly. Even if the results are not as good as you have expected for the first few time, it is okay. In the long run you will run better with your mistakes. Happy Painting!

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